Sites in Neath Port Talbot

Margam Abbey Neath Abbey
The county borough of Neath Port Talbot includes eight miles of coastline, either side of Port Talbot, incorporating the mouths of two rivers (Neath and Afan), and most is developed, adjoining residential districts or industrial sites. All is sandy, the wide beaches bordered by grassy dunes; there are no cliffs or dramatic rock formations. The other main city, Neath, is surrounded by quite extensive suburbs, yet away from these two centres, most of the county is rural and hilly, and almost half is covered by forests, the majority plantations.

The rivers and their tributaries lead quickly from the flat corridor beside the coast to the undulating uplands, forming steep-sided valleys between ridges and peaks. The borough extends northeast towards Pontneddfechan, on the border of Brecon Beacons National Park, and northwest to Brynamman, at the foot of the Black Mountains. There are several forest and county parks, crossed by many paths, plus other trails to viewpoints, waterfalls (Aberdulais Falls is the most well known) and old mines.

There are three main historic sites in Neath Port Talbot: the monastic ruins of Neath Abbey and Margam Abbey, and the remains of Neath Castle, right in the city centre. Other ancient structures include hill forts, cairns, standing stones and barrows.