Wokefield Common Nature Reserve, Berkshire


Heather and grass
Reflections of conifers on a pool

Mixed coniferous and deciduous woodland, with pools, streams, boggy areas and patches of heath; crossed by paths and tracks
Goring Lane, 7 miles southwest of Reading; RG7 3JB
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The 148 acre Wokefield Common Nature Reserve occupies a level site seven miles southwest of Reading, and although in the past much of it contained rough, communal pasture, nearly all is now wooded, a mix of coniferous and broad-leaved trees, with just a few surviving open areas, relics of the heathland that was once much more extensive. The heath remnants provide the main interest, because of the plants and animals that live here; the latter include grass snakes, slow worms and adders.

There are no particularly rare wildflowers in the reserve, just the usual selection of woodland species, together with a varied array of fungi, especially abundant in the wetter areas - the common contains springs, boggy patches, ponds, streams and wet gullies. Late summer is an ideal time to see dragonflies and damselflies, frequenting the ponds and streams.

The reserve is divided into two approximately equal size sections by Goring Lane, just south of Burghfield Common. The main entrance is along here, just east of the Hollybush Lane intersection, and there is also a smaller parking place along the northern boundary, at the end of Bunces Lane. Various paths and tracks allow loop walks of up to 2 miles.

The Woods

The wettest part of the common is along the south edge, where a small stream (Lockram Brook) flows eastwards, fed by some several tiny tributaries, one from the smaller of the two ponds in the reserve, near the Goring Lane car park. The second, Pullen's Pond, is at the east side of the woods, and there is also a stream along the northern edge. Some of the pathways are on old vehicle tracks, while others are narrower, but all provide easy walking.

Straight path
Straight path through conifer woodland