Oaken Wood, Oxfordshire


Long Toll Road
Autumnal leaves

Atmospheric woodland with beech and other trees, on chalky soils of the Chiltern Hills; crossed by several paths
South of Wodcote along Long Toll; OX8 0RT
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Oaken Wood, just south of Woodcote in south Oxfordshire, is one of hundreds of named woodlands that cover parts of the Chiltern Hills, containing predominantly beech trees, ancient in origin, filled with wildflowers in the spring and fungi in the autumn. All fall within the Chilterns Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, mostly underlain by chalky soils, while some of the best examples are further protected as the Chilterns Beechwoods Special Area of Concern, though all are similar in appearance, a mix of young and old trees, generally lacking much undergrowth, with rich and varied plant and animal life.

Oaken Wood, which contains other species including oak, birch and pine, is one component of a continuous band of trees extending over 5 miles, all crossed by a network of public paths, allowing for long or short walks. Access is from Long Toll Road, on the southeast side of Woodcote, along which are several verges for parking, at the entrance to tracks into the trees; the main route, a signed path, is 0.6 miles from the village. To the west this crosses Oaken Wood, adjacent to which are Oakwood Covert and Little Oaken Wood, while in the other direction, east of the road, the path enters Common Wood and then College Wood (also known as Abbott's Wood), linking with lesser routes that enable loop walks of up to several miles.