Sison Amomum, Stone Parsley

Compared to most other white-flowered umbellifers, the inflorescence of sison amomum contains relatively few rays, each holding a small number of flowers, well-separated from adjacent clusters.

Common name:
Stone parsley
Scientific name:
Sison amomum
Main flower color:
South/central England, and south Wales
Up to 100 cm
Grassland, roadsides, pathways, on heavy soils
Small, white, few in number, in compound umbels of relatively few rays, of differing lengths. Petals are notched, and irregular in shape. Flower centres are slightly greenish. The Individual clusters are well-separated from those on adjacent rays. Both bracts and bracteoles are present; they are narrow, bristle-like, two to four in number. Flowers are borne at the upper leaf nodes and at the tip of the stem branches
Hairless, once pinnate; divided into lanceolate leaflets up to 7 cm long, with shallowly lobed and fine-toothed margins. The terminal leaflet is approximately trifoliate. On slender, hairless, widely-branched stems
July to August