Ornithogalum Pyrenaicum, Spiked Star-of-Bethlehem

The alternative common name for ornithogalum pyrenaicum, Bath asparagus, arises from its occurrence in the woods around Bath, and because it was once collected and sold as food. This species has limited distribution but can be locally abundant

Common names:
Spiked star-of-bethlehem, Bath asparagus
Scientific name:
Ornithogalum pyrenaicum
Main flower color:
Southwest England, mostly restricted to a narrow band between Bristol and Reading
Between 50 cm and 100 cm
Open woodland
Formed of six equal lobes, around 10 mm long, narrowly ovate, coloured creamy yellow and crossed with a few narrow greenish veins. Six stamens, with white filaments and light brown anthers, and a green, three-celled ovary. Flowers are arranged in a vertical spike, often dropping towards the tip, and maturing from the base upwards, over a period of several weeks
Greyish-green, linear, grass-like, basal, up to 60 cm long; usually withered before flowering
May to July