Crepis Biennis, Rough Hawksbeard

Common name:
Rough hawksbeard
Scientific name:
Crepis biennis
Main flower color:
Native to southeast England; introduced to most other parts of England and Wales
Up to 100 cm
Grassland, roadsides, disturbed ground, especially calcareous locations
In open clusters, attached by slender stalks. The flowerheads are up to 25 mm in diameter, containing numerous pale yellow florets, not reddish underneath. The phyllaries are in two series; those in the lower row are shorter, and spreading, while the upper row stay pressed against the involucre and below the florets. Phyllaries are whitish along the edge, green along the centre and have a covering of dark, rough hairs
Pinnately lobed, with the end lobe the largest; becoming gradually smaller up the stem. Cauline leaves are clasping at base, but not extending backwards. Faintly covered by rough hairs
June to August