Hypochaeris Radicata, Cat's Ear

Common name:
Cat's ear
Scientific name:
Hypochaeris radicata
Main flower color:
All across the UK
Between 20 cm and 40 cm
Dry, grassy places; dunes, meadows, fields, roadsides
The solitary flowerheads are up to 4 cm in diameter, formed of yellow florets (somewhat greyish underneath) at the tip of the leafless, hairless stem, which is usually unbranched, and widens below the involucre. Bracts are also hairless though often have a short line of dark or light-coloured bristles at the centre, and a few irregularly distributed dark glands along the margins. The florets are significantly longer than the uppermost bracts
Basal, in a rosette; lanceolate to oblanceolate, up to 12 cm long, with wavy or shallowly lobed edges. Surfaces are sparsely to densely covered with bristly hairs, rising from swollen bases
June to March