Myosotis Sylvatica, Wood Forget-Me-Not

Common name:
Wood forget-me-not
Scientific name:
Myosotis sylvatica
Main flower color:
Across all parts of the UK; most common in the south
Up to 50 cm
Damp, shaded woodland, on rich soils. A garden escape in some locations
The corollas are medium to dark blue, with five spreading lobes (at 90 degrees to the tube), yellow at the base. The dark green pr purplish calyx is deeply divided, to more than half its length, into narrow, triangular lobes, and has a covering of stiff, spreading hairs, hooked at the tip. Flower stalks are up to twice as long as the calyx. Flowers are produced in small clusters towards the top of the leafy, branched stems, which have a sparse covering of spreading hairs across their entire length
Widely oblong, stalkless, hairy along the margins, with a prominent midvein
April to July