Gentiana Pneumonanthe, Marsh Gentian

Common name:
Marsh gentian
Scientific name:
Gentiana pneumonanthe
Main flower color:
Small, scattered sites in Wales and England; most common in the New Forest
Up to 30 cm
Damp heaths and acidic grassland, around the margins of bogs. Also in dune slacks
Up to 45 cm long; a narrowly cone shaped corolla, greenish at the base becoming bright purplish-blue higher up, with five ascending lobes between which are five much smaller lobes. The larger lobes are flecked with green dots. The outside of the corolla is marked with five broad green stripes. The calyces, around a quarter of the length of the corolla, are divided about a third of their height into five narrow lobes. Flowers may be solitary or in groups of up to seven
Opposite, narrowly oblong to linear, up to 4 cm long, with blunt tips and one vein. Along the stem, not at the base
July to October