Geranium Robertianum, Herb Robert

Geranium robertianum is a very common species, with a long blooming season. The rare geranium purpureum is somewhat similar, with divided leaves and hairy, non-spreading sepals, but can be distinguished by its smaller size and yellow anthers.

Common names:
Herb robert, storksbill
Scientific name:
Geranium robertianum
Main flower color:
All of the UK
Up to 40 cm
Woodland, disturbed ground, hedgerows, arable fields, rocky places, beach margins
Flowers, about 15 mm in diameter, have five pink, unnotched petals, with white streaks at the base (sometimes all-white), and a ribbed, reddish calyx shallowly divided to five small lobes. The calyx is (usually) sparsely covered with long silky hairs. The ten anthers are purple or brownish-orange, occasionally yellow for white-flowered specimens, for which the calyx is rather less hairy. The five stigmas are pale purple
Sparsely hairy, palmately divided into three or five lobes, themselves partially divided once or twice. Sometimes reddish
April to October