Geranium X Oxonianum, Druce's Cranesbill

Geranium x oxonianum is a hybrid, a cross between geranium endressii and geranium versicolor, both also non-native species.

Common name:
Druce's cranesbill
Scientific name:
Geranium x oxonianum
Main flower color:
Scattered locations in England; an introduced species, or garden escape
Up to 70 cm
Roadsides, verges, gardens
Funnel-shaped, with five broad, shallowly notched petals which are white towards the base, pink above, and crossed by branched, purple veins. The five stamens have white filaments and purple anthers. The sepals, not bristle-tipped, have three darker green parallel veins, and a covering of hairs. Flowers are solitary or in pairs
Dark green, palmately divided about half way to the base into five lobes, and crossed by prominent veins. Surfaces are sparsely short-hairy, while petioles, and stems, have a covering of longer, spreading hairs
May to September