Anacamptis Morio, Green-Winged Orchid

Common name:
Green-winged orchid
Scientific name:
Anacamptis morio
Main flower color:
Wales and the southern half of England
Up to 40 cm
Damp grassland, often calcareous
The three sepals are usually dark purple, crossed by prominent, greenish veins, and held together, forming a hood, enclosing the two small upper petals. The much longer lower petal is shallowly divided into three lobes, the outer two folded back, and the middle marked with white patches. The rear of this petal extends to a relatively thick spur. Flowers form in loose clusters, extending up to 6 cm at the top of the stem, and they are subtended by narrow, purple bracts. Some plants produce flowers with white petals
Lanceolate, unspotted, up to 9 cm long; in a rosette at the base and at alternate intervals along the stem (with sheathing bases)
April to June