Cephalanthera Longifolia, Sword-leaved Helleborine

Cephalanthera longifolia is similar to cephalanthera damasonium, differing in the narrower leaves and more open flowers

Common names:
Sword-leaved helleborine, narrow-leaved helleborine
Scientific name:
Cephalanthera longifolia
Main flower color:
Scattered sites across south England
Between 15 and 40 cm
Woodland and scrub, on calcareous soils
All sepals and petals are pure white, apart from the base of the lip, which has an orange-yellow patch. The middle sepal forms a loose hood with the upper two petals, the two lateral sepals are slightly spreading, while the lip (the lower petal) is cupped. Each flower is subtended by a very short bract. The inflorescence usually contains between five and 20 flowers, relatively well separated from each other
Narrowly lanceolate, alternate, at the base and (becoming gradually smaller) up the stem. All leaves often lie in the same vertical plane
May to June