Epipactis Palustris, Marsh Helleborine

Common name:
Marsh helleborine
Scientific name:
Epipactis palustris
Main flower color:
Most of England, Ireland and Wales, though only locally common
Up to 50 cm
Dune slacks, fens, bogs, and wet, calcareous grassland
Flowers have three greenish-purple sepals, the middle positioned above the two upper, whitish petals. The extended lower petal has a cup-shaped inner section (the hypochile), white with red veins, containing yellow pollen, while the outer section (the epichile) is white with frilly edges, and a yellow patch at the centre. Flowers are produced in an open cluster, of up to 15, on stems which have a covering of downy hairs. Flowers are sometimes more yellow, without any purple colouration (var ochroleuca)
Lanceolate to oval, up to 15 cm long, strongly veined, folded up along the centre line
July to August