Gymnadenia Conopsea, Fragrant Orchid

Common name:
Fragrant orchid
Scientific name:
Gymnadenia conopsea
Main flower color:
Scattered locations across all of the UK
Up to 40 cm
Dry calcareous grassland
Flowers are uniformly coloured - usually pink, occasionally all-white - without any darker markings; they have three sepals, two at either side, spreading but angled slightly downwards, with rolled-under edges, and one, broader, in the middle, forming a hood with the two upper petals. The lower petal, the lip, is divided into three lobes approximately equal in size. The petal spur is relatively thin, and long, up to 20 mm. Bracts are similar in length to the flowers. Flowers are produced in an elongated cluster occupying up to 15 cm of the stem
Alternate, narrowly lanceolate, unspotted, up to 15 cm long and 3 cm wide, folded up along the midvein
June to August