Neottia Cordata, Lesser Twayblade

Common name:
Lesser twayblade
Scientific name:
Neottia cordata
Main flower color:
Coniferous forests, bogs and moorland, especially on sphagnum moss amongst heather
Up to 20 cm
Mainly in Scotland and northern England; also north Wales and Exmoor
The three sepals and two upper petals are similar in appearance; reddish-brown, ovate, held in the same plane, separated by 60 degrees. The lower petal, often slightly darker in colour, is divided about half way to the base into two narrow, diverging lobes, and has two smaller lateral lobes. Flowers are arranged in an elongated cluster, of between five and 12. Flowers are tiny, only around 3 mm long
Ovate to heart-shaped, cupped, up to 4 cm long, in a pair towards the base. On a reddish, ridged stem, sparsely hairy
May to August