Orchis X Angusticruris, Lady-Monkey Orchid

The lady-monkey hybrid orchid is a generally taller and more robust plant than its two parent species

Common name:
Lady-monkey orchid
Scientific name:
Orchis x angusticruris
Main flower color:
Hartslock Nature Reserve, Oxfordshire
Up to 70 cm
Short chalk grassland
Produced in dense clusters, of 50 or more. Flowers vary in colour from nearly white to dark pink, similar to the monkey orchid, but not the burnt red of the lady orchid. The hood formed by the three sepals is white with dense purple blotches, while the lip has thin, linear 'arms', like the monkey orchid, and wider, shorter 'legs', though not as wide as the 'skirt' of the lady orchid. The centre of the lip is flecked with short purple hairs. Between the legs is a short 'tail'
Greyish-green, broadly ovate, ribbed, in a basal rosette and sheathing the lower portion of the stem
April to May