Salix Cinerea, Grey Willow

Most UK salix cinerea specimens are ssp oleifolia, with leaves that wither early in the season, bark that has raised ridges, and some brownish hairs on the leaves (may not develop until summer). Much less common is ssp cinerea, which has longer lasting leaves, smooth bark and leaf hairs solely pale-coloured.

Common name:
Grey willow
Scientific name:
Salix cinerea
Main flower color:
All across the British Isles, except mountainous regions
Up to 10 m
Wet woodland, streambanks, lakeshores
Catkins, up to 5 cm long; male have two yellowish stamens, while female have two green carpels, topped by yellow stigmas. Between the carpels are tufts of long, white, silky hairs
Light green, obovate to oblanceolate, tapered at the base, up to 9 cm long and 3 cm across. Downy below, becoming hairless above
March to April