Viola Reichenbachiana, Early Dog-Violet

Common name:
Early dog-violet
Scientific name:
Viola reichenbachiana
Main flower color:
England, Ireland and Wales
Up to 15 cm
Woodland, hedgebanks, especially on chalky soils
Up to 20 mm across; five purple petals, the lower with a white, veined patch at the base, the two side petals fringed with white hairs lower down, and a spur which is straight, unnotched and darker in colour than the petals. The five green sepals have short appendages at the base. The upper petals tend to be two or three times as long as wide, and are erect, or angled backwards. Flowers are attached by hairless pedicels
Hairless or sparsely hairy, heart-shaped, lined by shallow, rounded teeth; on long stalks, with a pair of narrow stipules at the base. Leaves are present as a basal rosette, and also along the flowering stems
March to May