Historic Sites in Worcestershire

Pershore Abbey Middle Littleton Tithe Barn Worcester Cathedral Witley Court
The northern reaches of Worcestershire are quite developed, and partly industrial, around Kidderminster and the outer suburbs of Birmingham, but most of the land is rural. The most famous natural areas are along the borders, shared with adjacent counties; Malvern Hills in the southwest, the Cotswolds to the southeast, and the Wyre Forest in the northwest. The River Severn flows southwards right through the middle of Worcestershire, and the main city of Worcester, and is surrounded by rolling farmland and small woods, a landscape that makes up the majority of the county; there are no particularly high hills or dramatic geological features.

Unlike most English counties, Worcestershire contains no surviving castles, only several follies and castellated mansions; the few castles that were built have long been destroyed, leaving little or no trace. There are also no significant Roman sites or prehistoric relics, but the county does have many fine religious buildings, most famous being Worcester Cathedral, and a small collection of medieval barns.

Historic Buildings

Bredon Barn - historic agricultural building, little changed from the 14th century

Leigh Court Barn - huge, 14th century cruck-framed barn, the largest building of this type in the country

Middle Littleton Tithe Barn - substantial, timber and limestone barn from the mid 13th century, in a quiet, rural location

Witley Court - evocative ruins of an extravagant country house, destroyed by fire in 1937


, and other major churches

Great Malvern Priory - large parish church, formerly part of a Benedictine monastery, with collections of medieval stained glass and wall tiles

Little Malvern Priory Church - picturesque parish church occupying part of a larger building from a 12th century Benedictine monastery

Pershore Abbey - surviving section of the church from a medieval abbey, featuring intricate lierne vaulting and a huge tower

Worcester Cathedral - typically grand and ornate cathedral, built partly in the perpendicular Gothic style. Contains the tomb of King John, and memorials to many other important people


Malvern Hills - relatively long, tall and narrow range of hills, lying along the border with Herefordshire; an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Map of Featured Worcestershire Locations