Clinopodium Acinos, Basil Thyme

Common name:
Basil thyme
Scientific name:
Clinopodium acinos
Main flower color:
East and south England
Up to 20 cm
Fields, dry grassland, rocky places, on calcareous soils
The corolla is purplish-pink, apart from the middle part of the lower lip, which is white. The outside is sparsely hairy. The calyx is slightly curved, and expanded towards the base to form a pouch. The three upper calyx teeth are angled away from the corolla, while the lower two teeth are slightly curved inwards. Flowers form at the tip of the stem and in small whorls at the upper leaf nodes, of between four and six. Stems have a dense covering of spreading hairs
Ovate to elliptical, stalked, up to 15 mm long, with wedge-shaped bases and sparsely ciliate margins, otherwise hairless. Lined by shallow teeth
May to August