Galeopsis Tetrahit, Common Hempnettle

Common name:
Common hempnettle
Scientific name:
Galeopsis tetrahit
Main flower color:
Across most of the UK; less common in the east, and absent from higher elevation regions
Up to 80 cm
Fields, waste ground, roadsides, woodland, fens
The corolla is pale pink, up to 20 mm long, with a pouched upper lip and three-lobed lower lip, often yellow towards the base, with a dark purple border. The central lobe is flat at the tip, not notched. The green calyx, similar in length, is lined by five, bristle-like, spine tipped lobes. Flowers form in closely-spaced whorls at the top of the stem
Ovate, hairy, stalked, up to 10 cm long, pointed at the tip and lined by coarse teeth. The hairy stems become wider below the leaf nodes
July to September