Lamium Amplexicaule, Henbit Dead-Nettle

Common name:
Henbit dead-nettle
Scientific name:
Lamium amplexicaule
Main flower color:
England, Wales and lowland regions of southern Scotland
Up to 20 cm
Arable fields, disturbed ground, on generally dry soils
Up to 20 mm in length; a pink, slender, tubular corolla with projecting pink upper lip and spreading, lobed lower lip, white with pink spots. All of the outer surfaces are covered by white or pinkish hairs, longest and most dense on the upper lip. Usually only one or two flowers at each leaf node are in bloom at any one time, and some very short unopened flowers may also be present. Flowers are subtended by five equal-sized triangular bracts
Opposite, round, hairy on both sides, up to 25 mm across, lined by rounded teeth
March to November