Melissa Officinalis, Lemon Balm

Common names:
Lemon balm, balm mint
Scientific name:
Melissa officinalis
Main flower color:
England and Wales, and small areas in Scotland. An introduced species, from Mediterranean countries and west Asia
Up to 120 cm
Waste ground, verges, hedgebanks
In whorls at the leaf nodes. The calyx is hairy, with a broad upper lip topped with three narrow, bristle-like teeth, and a similar length lower lip divided into two much larger teeth, or lobes. The corolla is yellow in bud, white when mature, with a short, upturned upper lip and lower downturned lower lip. Only a small number of calyces contain a corolla in bloom at any one time
Opposite, ovate, prominently veined, lined by regular teeth. Hairy, especially on the margins and the underside of the midvein. Lemon-scented
August to September