Stachys Arvensis, Field Woundwort

Common name:
Field woundwort
Scientific name:
Stachys arvensis
Main flower color:
Wales and south/west England; less common further north, and mostly absent from Scotland
Up to 20 cm
Cultivated fields and other disturbed ground, especially on acidic soils
In whorls at the upper leaf nodes. Calyces are green to purple in color, divided about a third of their length into narrow, ribbed, triangular lobes, with a bristle at the tip and hairs along the ribs. Corollas, not much longer than the calyces, are pale pink to white, marked with darker pink blotches, and are finely hairy on the outer surface. Only a few flowers are in bloom at any one time
Opposite, ovate, lined by rounded teeth, finely ciliate. Up to 3 cm long. Attached by short stalks. On square stems lined by bristly hairs of varying lengths
April to October