Stachys Palustris, Marsh Hedgenettle

Common names:
Marsh hedgenettle, marsh woundwort
Scientific name:
Stachys palustris
Main flower color:
Al of the UK, except the Scottish Highlands and some other high elevation regions
Up to 100 cm
Marshes, streambanks, field margins, moist grassland
Corollas (up to 15 mm long) are pink, with white markings on the three-lobed lower lip. The upper lip is smaller, and slightly hooded. The purplish calyx is divided to around half its length into five spreading, triangular lobes. Flowers form in closely-spaced whorls along the upper portion of the stem, which is square in cross-section and hairy along the four angles
Narrowly lanceolate, up to 12 cm long, on short stalks (less than 5 mm) near the base, otherwise sessile. Lined by regular teeth. Leaf surfaces and margins have a covering of short hairs
June to September