Veronica Chamaedrys, Germander Speedwell

Common name:
Germander speedwell
Scientific name:
Veronica chamaedrys
Main flower color:
All across the UK except the northern Scottish Highlands
Up to 20 cm
Open woodland, grassland, roadsides
The corolla is four-lobed, white at the centre, with a purple border, otherwise blue, crossed by a few darker veins. Corolla lobes are somewhat asymmetric, with one smaller than the other three. The calyx is divided nearly to the base into four narrow, pointed lobes. Flowers are produced in elongated clusters, either one or two per leaf node. Stems are lined with long white hairs, which are arranged in two opposite rows towards the lower part of the stem, and more evenly covered higher up
Opposite, ovate, up to 25 mm long, lined by rounded teeth, hairy underneath and along the margins, crossed by palmate veins, and generally stalkless
April to June