Galeopsis Bifida, Bifid Hempnettle

Compared to the more widespread galeopsis tetrahit, the corolla of galeopsis bifida has darker pink colouration, the colour extending closer to the margin, and a notch at the tip of the middle lobe of the lower lip.

Common name:
Bifid hempnettle
Scientific name:
Galeopsis bifida
Main flower color:
Most of England, Wales and Scotland; less common in Ireland
Up to 80 cm
Fields, disturbed ground, woodland clearings
In an elongated cluster, at the stem tip and the upper leaf nodes. Calyces are hairy, green, divided about half way into five narrow, bristle-tipped teeth, while corollas are tubular, opening to a cupped upper lip and three-lobed lower lip, the middle lobe of which is shallowly notched. Corolla lips are dark pink, the colour extending almost to the margin. The middle lobe has yellow markings towards the base
Ovate, up to 10 cm long, pointed at the tip and tapering at the base. Hairy, and lined with rounded teeth
July to September